We Won’t Meet Health-Related SDGs If We Don’t Invest in Innovation

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The sustainable development goals won’t be finalized until September, but people are already debating whether we can reach them. At least for the proposed health targets one thing is clear, they won’t be achieved without innovations that make better health care more affordable, accessible and effective. #GlobalGoalsWork, but only if we have the tools we need to reach them.

The Millennium Development Goals played a pivotal role in galvanizing the global community and intensifying investment in health research and development to create a robust pipeline of more than 360 technologies, including new and better medicines, vaccines, devices, diagnostics and other innovative solutions. To accelerate the gains achieved during the MDG era and to reach the even more ambitious SDGs, it is imperative that we continue to advance promising tools and ensure they reach the communities that can use them to transform their own health.

Identifying game-changing innovations

Of course, not all innovations are equally important for achieving the global goals. We must be more deliberate on identifying the real game changers and focusing attention and resources on those innovations with the most potential to drive affordable health impact over the next 15 years.

This is why PATH is leading the Innovation Countdown 2030 initiative. Learning from the MDGs, we have created a transparent, inclusive and global platform to engage experts across disciplines, sectors and geographies in identifying innovations that could have big impact by 2030.

We reached across the world to crowdsource hundreds of technologies and interventions. Ideas came from entrepreneurs, investors and experts from nearly 50 countries. More than 60 independent experts then assessed those innovations, selecting 30 that have great promise to accelerate progress toward the SDG health targets. Experts also highlighted challenges and insights into why innovation is so critical, how it can be done better, and how to tap into new frontiers in global health.

Ultimately, IC2030 is about breaking down silos and increasing awareness of innovations and how they are progressing — or not. That conversation then moves into the investment and partnerships that will turn these transformative ideas into saved lives.

Source: Devex (link opens in a new window)

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