October 10

With the Exception of Egypt and Tunisia Other African Countries Will Not Achieve SDG6

By Boris Ngounou

Published on the sidelines of the 78th General Assembly of the United Nations, the latest report on sustainable development in Africa assesses the continent’s progress in implementing the five main Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It shows steady progress on the key targets of the SDGs, in particular on 4G mobile network coverage and access to drinking water and electricity.

Out of 48 countries assessed in Africa, only Egypt and Tunisia are on track to achieve the goal of universal basic sanitation by 2030. The 2023 report on sustainable development in Africa indicates that, with regard to the sixth sustainable development goal (SDG6), African countries have improved access to safe drinking water services, but there is still a significant disparity between rural and urban areas. Three out of five Africans, or 411 million people, still lack safe drinking water. The report calls on African countries to invest in water, sanitation and hygiene infrastructure and to build capacity for integrated water resource management.

Photo courtesy of Linus Nylund.

Source: Afrik21 (link opens in a new window)

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