Y Combinator-Backed Trella Brings Transparency to Egypt’s Trucking and Shipping Industry

Monday, August 12, 2019

By Jonathan Shieber

Y Combinator has become one of the key ways that startups from emerging markets get the attention of American investors. And arguably no clutch of companies has benefitted more from Y Combinator’s attention than startups from emerging markets tackling the the logistics market.

On the heels of the success the accelerator had seen with Flexport, which is now valued at over $1 billion — and the investment in the billion-dollar Latin American on-demand delivery company, Rappi,  several startups from the Northern and Southern Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia have gone through the program to get in front of Silicon Valley’s venture capital firms. These are companies like Kobo360NowPorts, and, most recently, Trella.

Photo courtesy of David Evers.

Source: TechCrunch (link opens in a new window)

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