John Paul

NextBillion Needs You!

You may have noticed a new look to Nextbillion this week. Our crack design team has updated the fonts and colors a bit to make our content more readable. We’ve also added a few new blog topics – water, housing, and marketing – making it easier for you to find the specific information you’re interested in. As we approach our “official” one-year anniversary in early May, we’ve got some more upgrades in store for you, including enhanced search features and improvements to our user profile pages.

As long as we’re in the mood to give our developers more work, we thought we’d find out what features YOU would like to see on Nextbillion. Some of our readers have already suggested the addition of a BOP jobs database. Others have said they would find a database of BOP-related business plan competitions useful. What would you find valuable?

Nextbillion has grown steadily over the past year thanks to loyal readers like you. Here’s your chance to help us make it even better. If you’ve got ideas, leave a comment to this post or email us directly at