Francisco Noguera Welcomes Staff Writer Mark Beckford

MarkThe? team is?proud to introduce its newest member: Staff Writer Mark Beckford.

Mark is a veteran of corporate base of the pyramid strategies. He worked for Intel?from?1995 through 2008, where he?had a prominent role?shaping the company’s strategy in emerging markets. He helped design and lead their World Ahead program, among many other impressive roles.Mark’s extensive experience include working/living in China and Europe and growing markets in India, Brazil, Russia, and 41 other countries.??He has?presented at leadership gatherings around the world, including the World Economic Forum, World Congress of IT, and others.

Mark describes himself as a “passionate expert in digital access as a pathway to both social good and world progress”. He writes Disruptive Leadership, a blog about?the power of business to deploy technology and digital access in emerging markets.

Welcome Mark! Glad to have you on board.