Francisco Noguera

Pop!Tech 2009: Nanotechnology and Making Diagnostics Available for All

Diagnostics for All is using biotechnology to make low cost and accurate diagnostics available for the 60% of the population that lives outside of the reach of hospitals and clinics in the developing world. Hayat Sindi is the coinventor and cofounder.

Her journey has evolved crossing boundaries, finding the power. 18 years ago she left for Britain without a word of English and soon thereafter graduated from Kings College, then Cambridge University until she came to Harvard and started working in the lab of Dr. George …

Her invention has been a winner in several competitions in the Cambridge area like the Harvard Social Enterprise competition and the MIT 100K competition. The core problem it’s trying to solve is the lack of conditions for adequate diagnostics in the developing world. The technology solution of DFA is made of paper, does not require skilled labor and can be easily disposed of. How does it work? You place a drop of urine, saliva or blood… in the developing world doctors have difficulty keeping track ofconditions withouth which doctors can hardly adapt their prescriptions and recommendations..

The first project DFA worked on is one to test for liver function damage caused by the use of HIV medicaments…

She finished her presentation making a call for the potential of women from the middle east to take leadership in shaping the 21st century through science and innovation. Her speech was so compelling that the whole Opera House gave her a standing ovation.

She finished and was immediately follwed by Andrew who announced an initiative of Pop!Tech to advance and promote the role of science and facilitate the work of people like Hayat. Starting this year, Pop!Tech will open a new fellows program titled Science and Public Leadership Fellows program, aimed at helping scientists and innovators overcome some of the personal and institutional challenges they face in ad

Innovation, science and social change are the three pillars where Pop!Tech is seeking to make a dent by accelerating the growth of initiatives