Francisco Noguera

Pop!Tech Social Innovation Fellows: Who Are You Nominating?

Earlier this year I wrote why I thought 2010 would be plentiful with news and initiatives related to leadership development in the social enterprise/base of the pyramid space. In effect, fellowships and cohort-based programs continue to flourish all over, aiming to equip leaders (entrepreneurs, students, intrapreneurs, senior business executives, and so it goes) with the tools, networks and confidence boost they need to push their GO buttons and take this movement to a next level.

In the fall last year I had a chance to meet the Pop!Tech Social Innovation Fellows in person, while attending the conference in beautiful Camden, Maine. Everyone I met spoke about the way this experience had truly transformed their ventures. In particular, I felt that the Pop!Tech fellowship had a special emphasis in improving their ability to communicate and spread the ideas and vision behind their ventures. That’s what Pop!Tech is best at, after all; It is a world-class ideas festival, where people from diverse backgrounds come together to tell meaningful stories, share ideas that matter and do so in a way that sticks.

Nominations for the 2010 Class of Pop!Tech Social Innovation Fellows are now open. So roll up your sleeves and nominate that someone you know has potential to effect meaningful change in the world. Give that someone the gift of being considered for an experience that will transform the way she conceives her venture and, particularly, the way she spreads the idea throughout the globe. Give that someone the gift of joining a remarkable cohort, which, together with the Pop!Tech extended community and the Program’s exceptional faculty, truly make 1+1 equal 11.

Go ahead. Nominate that someone.

To read Pop!Tech’s official Press Release, click here.