Derek Newberry

Rising Ventures: Enersud Brings Cleantech to the Countryside

Enersud 1Studies show that per-capita energy consumption is low in many emerging economies, where vast sections of the population may not have access to modern energy infrastructure. The World Bank reports that this is particularly the case in rural areas where access is often extremely costly for the government to provide. Many countries are looking for alternatives, including geo-thermal and solar powered generators. One company in Brazil, Enersud Ind?stria e Solu??es Energ?ticas Ltda, is finding innovative ways to fill this gap through a high-growth business model.

Enersud manufactures low-capacity wind turbines that can be used for industrial or household purposes. The ability of its technology to provide solutions for rural residents (such as wind powered water pumps) has attracted plenty of attention, and even the Brazilian government is looking to partner with the company to expand its reach.While providing this social benefit, Enersud also takes advantage of a major positive trend, the growing investment in renewable energy, and particularly wind power. This is especially true in Brazil, a country that has made transitioning to alternative energy sources a national priority. Enersud’s forward-thinking model promises to turn into substantial profits as the company seeks to scale up and expand in the coming months. New Ventures Research Fellow Kelly Desy recently had the chance to interview Enersud CEO Bruno De Cnop and just posted a great feature based on the discussion. To read the full article, check our resources page.