Rounding up the herd of $100 laptops

If you’ve been watching news of the $100 laptop in the last five months, your head is probably spinning. Not to worry. I’ve rounded up the various NextBillion activity capsules and blog entries just for your pixel-strained eyes.

Barebones PCs : Asiatotal , AMD Personal Internet Computer, Bangalore’s SofComp and Mobilis ( $230) , VIA technologies, Pikom Gemilang (Malaysia, $250), Pedal-powered Jhai PC, MIT and One-Laptop-Per-Child, The People’s PC (Thailand),

Multimedia-package PCs: Onpoint (South Africa), PCtvt (Carnegie Mellon, $250), Novatium Nova PC

Low cost computer-enabled community: Tecamac, Mexico

Low-cost devices alternatives to PCs: Simputer

Here are some worthwhile previous blogs reflecting on the $100-laptop race and craze, with Al Hammond’s comprehensive list, Courtland’s critiques, John Paul’s explanation on where and how these pc’s cut costs, and his cautious optimism.