Rob Katz

SoCAP09: 358 More Reasons to Attend

SOCAP09 is less than 4 weeks away. Will you be there? Francisco will. I will. Brian Trelstad will. So will Alvaro Rodriguez…and many more. Do you need reasons to come? How about these three reasons why you need to be there?

Need more? Well, how about these 358 MORE reasons!? Actually, I don’t have 358 reasons why you should attend, but I do have a discount code that will save you $358.50 off the listed registration price. This is only open to NextBillion readers, and is valid through August 15th.

To take advantage of it, please use the code NB30 in the registration page when you go to sign up. Will SOCAP09 be worth it? Don’t take my word for it – clearly, I think it will – but if you go, at least you’ll know you’ll have saved $358 valuable dollars on the ticket.