Rob Katz

Social Capital Markets 09: Go to “Woodstock” with a 40% Discount

By the time we got to Woodstock / We were half a million strong – Joni Mitchell, “Woodstock

Well, there won’t be half a million of us, but as Bill Baue noted in a recent CSR Wire article, the Social Capital Markets conference (2009 vintage) is quickly shaping up to be an important event for our generation of changemakers, investors, intrapreneurs, policymakers and innovators. (His exact quote was “…[SoCap09] is quickly becoming the Woodstock for social entrepreneurs.”) covered the event extensively last year, and we are pleased to be going back as a “Deep Channel Partner” (aka Media Partner).

The SoCap team has released a version 1.0 of the schedule and speakers, which deserve a close look. Keynote speakers include

  • Sonal Shah, head of President Obama’s Office of Social Innovation;
  • Alvaro Rodriguez-Arregui of IGNIA Fund;
  • William Foote of Root Capital;
  • Jed Emerson of Uhuru Capital Management

And many more. The panel sessions also look promising, giving participants a deeper dive than a typical “social innovation 101” you would get at a less-focused conference. Take a close look at the web site for all the details; you can even follow SoCap on Twitter, read their (excellent) blog, check out the Facebook page, etc.

Once you’ve done your diligence, take advantage of a 40% discount (!) that will expire July 8. Use the code WEB40 to receive the special discount.

Francisco and I will both be at SoCap; will you?