Francisco Noguera

Social Entrepreneurs from GSBI 2008: Meet Zipporah Ongwenyi, from Binti Africa Foundation

Zipporah is one of the 16 entrepreneurs that took part in this year’s Global Social Benefit Incubator, at Santa Clara University. Her?project is a great?example of how rural communities can be empowered and brought into?the value chain of products that are key to the dignity, health, and productivity of poor women?in Kenya.

Binti Africa Foundation?creates microenterprises with women in rural Kenya?to produce safe and affordable sanitary pads?that are sold to schools and distributed to girls throughout the country. Thereby it fulfills the goals of empowering rural communities through enterprise and income generation,?as well as?girls in the poorer areas of the country who,?thanks to Binti’s sanitary pads?and educational campaigns,?no longer?see?significant changes in their routines and productivity during their menstrual periods.Zipporah’s primary objective while attending GSBI was to build a business plan to strengthen Binti’s product development ability and?expand?it’s operations into new markets like Sudan and?Congo, among others.