Bruce McNamer

TechnoServe: Updated Brand, Same Commitment

Today, TechnoServe is launching our updated brand. This represents the culmination of an effort, over the course of a year and a half, to examine our brand in parallel with our strategic planning – a wide-ranging review of who we are, what we do and where we’re going.

It’s tempting to talk about our “new” brand, but this update is not about TechnoServe being a different organization. The elements of the brand – our mission, vision, values, logo and key messages – are a living and accurate reflection of what we are today.

Now in our 45th year, TechnoServe remains a dynamic and forward-looking organization. We are committed to bringing together world-class business expertise and local knowledge in order to solve the challenges of poverty in the developing world. This approach is reflected in our vision statement: “We will be the most effective catalyst and partner for transformative, on-the-ground, market-based solutions to poverty.”

At the same time, we remain firmly grounded in the daily realities of the people with whom we work. We understand that change begins here – with the hardworking men and women who, given the opportunity, can generate income, jobs and wealth for their families and communities.

As TechnoServe continues to evolve, we will look to our brand to help us stay true to these principles. The strongest brands are those that capitalize on an organization’s strengths and unique attributes, leveraging these qualities through every decision, large and small. We know our brand is more than just a logo – it’s a tool to help keep us on mission and do our best work every day.

Please explore our redesigned website, and watch the video to learn more about how TechnoServe creates opportunity and transformation in the developing world.

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