November 26

NextBillion Editor

Thank You

It’s Thanksgiving here in the U.S. And as we have in the past, we’d like to say thank you to our readers, our sponsors and our contributors.

But this year we’re especially thankful. That’s because the past six months or so have been an especially challenging time as we worked intensely with a site developer to fundamentally redesign NextBillion. As we mentioned in our announcement when the site went live earlier this month, we understand this is the first step in a renewed journey to tell the stories of and share the knowledge behind enterprise efforts to eliminate poverty.

Through it all, our readers, our sponsors and, to a great extent, our contributors continued to encourage the work of NextBillion. They remained patient with us as we labored on the new site, while doing our best to keep the “old” one strong as ever. Blog authors, especially, have been incredibly generous with their insights, with their energy, but most importantly, with their time. And it takes a lot of all three to conceive of a post, get those thoughts down, take the risk of pitching it to an editor and then work with us (sometimes over weeks or months) to develop something that, we all hope, will do someone a measure of good down the line. Those who contribute to NextBillion do this without pay and, aside from our appreciation, often without much in the way of accolades.

So, regardless of how you contribute, thank you for making NextBillion possible and making an improvement in someone else’s life possible, too.


– The NextBillion Team


P.S. So we might enjoy the holiday with family and friends, NextBillion will not be publishing new content until Monday.


Photo courtesy of Ryan McGuire.