Thinking at the Pyramid’s Base

The recent Technology at the Edge posting by Al Hammond reminded me what amazing ideas can come about while re-imaging products and services for the poor. Hearing his descriptions of innovative technologies in Africa is thrilling. It reminded me of another article I had just read which discusses the recently re-announced sub $100 laptop by MIT.

See: Switched On: Cheapest laptop boasts rich innovation over at Engadget.Com. There the author outlines some of the innovative tech in this new PC and notes how useful it might be for the general market:

Much of the coverage of the $100 laptop has focused on its breakthrough price. However, the initiative, should it prove successful, would not only create a revolutionary learning tool for children in developing countries, but turn notebook design on its head.

This is what innovation on the edge is all about. Businesses often ask their employess to ’think outside the box’ when developing innovative new ideas. They should also be asking them to ’think along the BOP’.