Ethan Arpi

USAID’s Microfinance Conference

USAIDIn the last several days we have talked a lot about our mapping project for the Inter-American Development Bank’s upcoming conference, ?Building Opportunity for the Majority.? But as important as this conference is for the BOP, it should not overshadow other equally important events that we have penciled in on the calendar.

Case in Point: From June 14th until June 16th, USAID will be hosting a conference on ?Microenterprise in the Developing World? at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington DC. The conference will recognize the recent achievements made in the field and (more importantly) will explore strategies to better serve the needs of the BOP. During its three days of engaging panels and discussions, participants will have the opportunity to chart the course of microenterprise in the 21st century.To learn more about the conference check out USAID’s website.