Francisco Noguera

Web 2.0 Ventures Reaching Out to the Base of the Pyramid

networkAs the week winds down I wanted to share a note?about a couple of interesting Web 2.0 ventures relevant to the base of the pyramid community. Two social networks have launched recently, aiming to connecting people and ideas around the role of business and entrepreneurship against poverty and inequality.

BOP Source is one of them. The brainchild of Jenara Nerenberg (author of a great blog that goes by the same name), BOP Source was launched just over a week ago. It will be interesting to see how the idea continues to evolve. I was personally intrigued by Jenara’s vision of Web 2.0. tools in the hands of the base of the pyramid, as described in her guest post for She envisions BOP Source playing that role, as explained?in the original press release, which you can read?here.I also heard about Business Fights Poverty, which already has interesting activity going on with over 1,000 members pencilled in, podcasts, videos, interviews and discussions about the role of business addressing development goals.

I have joined both, although I’m well aware I’ll probably not be able to be an active member everywhere. It’s just a lot to keep up with! Very exciting times nonetheless… The tools are out there to bring together people and groups with a shared vision and shared ideas, and folks like Jenara and Zahid Torres are taking a lead in using them.

Along these lines, here is?one last?recommendation for your weekend: I just finished listening to Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us, Seth Godin’s latest book. Yes… listening to it. You can download the audiobook for free here. It was nice to listen to such great content read by Godin himself. Enjoy your weekend!?????