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Weekly Roundup – 10-23-11: Using Social Media to Innovate from the Bottom Up

Yammer, a private, secure enterprise social network, allows coworkers to share knowledge and ideas, openly converse and actively collaborate. Giam Swiegers, CEO of Deloitte Australia, describes it as somewhere between Facebook and Twitter. Deloitte Australia’s innovation team began experimenting with Yammer in 2008 and initially had no plans for mass adoption. However, usage quickly increased to include 12 national offices and 5,000 staff members who averaged around 150 conversations a day. Those conversations helped break down silos within Deloitte and accelerated innovation.

In a video interview, Swiegers recalls when junior consultant had an idea for a large client that he was unsure about, he posted it on the social network at the end of the day. Within two hours he had been told whom he should speak with at the firm about it. In the past, the consultant would have spent a lot of time trying to move the idea forward and likely would have given up on it after failing to make progress. Another time Deloitte employees used Yammer to voice concern over a policy decision made by top management. As a result of the strong response, Deloitte quickly adapted the policy using suggested alternatives proposed on the site. Deloitte also found that the turnover of active Yammer employees was lower (2 percent) than the company average (15-20 percent). To top it off Deloitte and Yammer recently won the 2011 Forrester Groundswell award in Collaboration System Management.

So how does the BoP fit into this?

Social media has huge potential for ventures to fulfill one of the core components of BoP practice. Involving staff and BoP beneficiaries’ voices throughout the design, piloting and scaling process will allow ventures to leverage on-the-ground knowledge, spur innovation, improve mobility and reduce costs. Of course since social media isn’t inclusive it doesn’t replace staff surveys and focus groups. But you can begin to imagine BoP customers and producers using mobile phones to add their voices to the conversation on a regular basis, not to mention venture staff empowered to share their ideas to top management with a simple click – allowing those ideas to morph into something big as others tweak and debate them in an open (company wide anyway) space.

Do you know of any examples of BoP ventures using social media to spur innovation from staff and their end beneficiaries? If so, please share them below in the comment section.

(A special thanks to Ross Dawson’s piece on Social Enterprise Today for sharing his story from the AHRI HR Technology conference about Deloitte and Yammer)

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Reminder: IMPACT Business Awards

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