Emile Schmitz

(With Video) Chronicling the ’Spark’ of Libera

My organization, Africa Interactive, is a social venture that works with a network of 2,000 local media professionals throughout Africa and produces content for organizations that want to communicate or monitor their activities in Africa.

Today, courtesy of NextBillion, I’d like to bring you three stories of entrepreneurship that go against public perception and media narratives. Whomever thinks that post-conflict areas only show devastated cities and lives is wrong. In fact, many entrepreneurs in post-conflict areas stand up with the courage and ambition to lead their societies into prosperity. The video shows just that: ambitious entrepreneurs in Liberia, which has endured two civil wars in recent years. These entrepreneurs are supported by the Business Start-up Center (BSC) in Monrovia. Through education, mentorship and a business plan competition, they support ambitious young people to realize their business plans.

Africa Interactive produced a video featuring three ambitious and inspiring Liberian entrepreneurs explaining their businesses and what motivates them. BSC Monrovia is currently preparing another business plan competition in 2011, so Liberian entrepreneurs, keep an eye on their website.

Education, Environment