A Kenyan Pedal Power Solution for Charging Mobile Phones

The following video is one in a series from ViewChange, a multimedia organization managed by LinkTV and founded with support by the Gates Foundation, that is producing and procuring educational and inspiring videos from across the developing world. NextBillion is partnering with ViewChange to share these stories of enterpreneurship against the odds with the NextBillion community.

In rural Kenya, electricity sockets are hard to find but pedal power is everywhere-which is why inventor Pascal Katana has come up with an ingenious method to charge mobile phones using the energy generated by bicycles. Students of the university of Nairobi came up with a solution. The easy-to-use smart charger has ecently been brought to the market. It costs about 350 Kenyan shillings, which is about USD$4, which is a better value than recharging at small shops with solar panels, which charge a fee of about USD$1.

This video was directed by Bertil van Vugt and originally featured in the ViewChange Online Film Contest.

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