James Militzer

A Roundup of the Financial Inclusion 2020 Global Forum: The Center for Financial Inclusion releases an interactive magazine

The Financial Inclusion 2020 Global Forum, held in London in October, was widely recognized as a pivotal event.

Bringing together approximately 300 leaders from mainstream and specialized financial sectors, technology providers, corporations, international non-profits and governments, the event has generated unprecedented discussion and momentum around an ambitious goal: attaining global financial inclusion by 2020.

Accion’s Center for Financial Inclusion has produced a one-time, interactive “magazine” (below), which covers key messages from the plenary sessions and roundtables on the Roadmap to Financial Inclusion, personal commitments from many participants, resource links, and FI2020′s plans for 2014 and beyond.

Just click to expand the magazine, then click on any photo, link or video within the magazine to watch session videos and access other content.

For more coverage of the FI2020 Forum and the continuing campaign, visit the Center for Financial Inclusion’s blog.

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