Ethan Arpi

“All The News That’s Fit To Print”

newsHere’s the skinny on BOP news in the Blogosphere:

?Nicholas Deleon of writes about a $150 laptop that will soon be sold in rural China and South East Asia. Unlike Negroponte’s version, the personal computer discussed here will not have a hand crank but will be powered by a wire plugged into the wall.?Pablo Halkyard of The World Bank’s Private Sector Development Blog seems to have been snooping around Columbia University’s Economics Department lately. In two posts this week, he mentions Joseph Stiglitz, who argues that natural gas nationalization in Bolivia may benefit the BOP, and Jefferey Sachs, who argues that the private sector?both business and NGOs?can help enfranchise the dispossessed.

?Christine Bowers?also from The World Bank?writes about the MIT Entrepreneurship Competition, which finished up in June. Illac Diaz and his company CentroMigrante won the grand prize of $30,000 in startup money.

?Emeka Okafor of Timbuktu Chronicles writes about Solar Power for Africa Ltd, a Uganda based enterprise ?dealing in the procurement, selling, installing, maintaining and servicing all types of solar energy/power systems, equipment and appliances.?

?Believe it or not, the tireless folks over at WorldChanging have taken their hands off the keyboard for a week-long summer vacation. But that doesn?t mean you shouldn?t check out their site. This week they have reposted some of last years highlights, like this article on the Watercone, a simple technology that makes saltwater drinkable. The contraption is expected to retail for about $50 and could be instrumental to certain segments of the BOP that do not have access to potable water.

Stay tuned for more BOP news and info coming your way.