Ana Escalante

Announcement: Second Edition of Stuart Hart?s Capitalism at Crossroads Released

Capitalism at CrossroadsNextBillion’s good friend and colleague Stuart Hart – of the Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise at Cornell University and Enterprise for a Sustainable World – has recently released the second edition of his book, “Capitalism at Crossroads.” The newly revised edition includes new case studies, up-to-date info on trends, and insights from the BOP Protocol.

The book is an updated, thoroughly revised edition:

Drawing on his experience consulting with leading companies and NGOs worldwide, Hart shows how to become truly indigenous to all your markets -and avoid the pitfalls of traditional ’greening’ and ’sustainability’ strategies. This book doesn’t just point the way to sustainable enterprise: it offers specific techniques to recharge innovation, growth, and profitability in real businesses.

The new edition of “Capitalism at Crossroads” has a foreword by Al Gore, former vice-president of the U.S. and member of the WRI Board of Directors. The book is on sale on all major book retailers. Check it out, and congratulations to Stu!

Side note: Stu will be delivering a plenary talk at next month’s Business to 4 Billion conference at the University of Michigan (also his alma mater). There are only 9 spots left, so register today if you?re interested–it is sure to be a good event for those interested in the BOP arena.