Abby Gray
Microinsurance Innovation Facility

Abby is an intern at the Microinsurance Innovation Facility, a part of the ILO in Geneva, Switzerland. She served as a Kiva Fellow in West Africa and a Research Associate at the Financial Access Initiative at NYU. Previously, she worked as a compensation consultant at Towers Watson in New York City.

Having gained field experience in microcredit during her Kiva Fellowship and a deeper understanding of the subject at FAI, Abby became interested in other sectors of microfinance. As an intern at the Microinsurance Innovation Facility, she writes articles and research papers on various aspects of the burgeoning microinsurance industry.

Abby has a Bachelors in Political Science and International Comparative Studies from Duke University, and she will be attending Oxford’s Said Business School in the fall as a Said Business School Scholar.

Articles by Abby Gray

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