Alec Macklis
Gridspan Energy

Alec Macklis is Founder & CEO of Gridspan Energy, a company pioneering mobile energy storage solutions for emerging markets. Alec’s mission is to improve the cost, reliability, resilience and sustainability of electricity in grid-weak regions. He has been recognized by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) & Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) for his work with Gridspan Energy. Alec was selected as a 2019 Changemaker by Student Energy and winner of Schneider Electric’s Bold Ideas Challenge.

Alec holds degrees in Civil Engineering and Energy Systems Engineering from Vanderbilt University and Imperial College London.

Articles by Alec Macklis

  • Alec Macklis

    Solar Energy Storage Faces a Battery of Challenges – How to Overpower Them

    Diesel electricity generation is expensive, unsustainable and harmful to users' health and the environment. But it still dominates the energy mix in emerging markets. Why? According to Alec Macklis at Gridspan Energy, one reason is that solar energy is intermittent by nature, making it hard to incorporate into a reliable energy system. But though this problem can be solved by better energy storage, solar + storage solutions haven't gained major traction. He explores the reasons for this, and presents an innovative energy storage approach that could help.

    energy access, off-grid energy, renewable energy
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