Groundwork Opportunities

Bartlomiej Jan Skorupa is co-founder and Executive Director of Groundwork Opportunities, or GO for short, a non-profit based in San Francisco, CA. Having worked in various industries, Bart focused on implementing best practices in organizational and strategic management for over a dozen Fortune 500 companies in the USA and Europe.In 2008, Bart founded GO based on the idea that developing world communities can themselves best determine how to manage their own development. Dubbed “The Power of Their Ideas and Our Support”, GO supports communitiesin various parts of the Africa, Central America, and Southeast Asia that manage and implement their own sustainable projects. GO in turn provides the financial support, advocacy, and awareness for these projects. Leveraging many of the practices Bart developed for large-scale organizations, GO ismanaged by a highly efficient corporate model wherein each partner effectively focuses on their core competencies.

Articles by Bartlomiej

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