Bill Kramer

Bill Kramer, working out of Boulder, Colo., is a consultant to triple-bottom-line startups. He began his professional life in the book industry, in Washington, D.C., creating and running a dozen book enterprises, including the first bookstore-café, Kramerbooks & Afterwords. He went to work for the World Resources Institute in 2000, working on sustainable business models and economic development in low-income communities. In 2008, his professional work began to migrate west – to Colorado State University’s College of Business, where he helped create and run the Center for the Advancement of Sustainable Enterprise, associated with CSU’s Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise MBA, and where he founded a “triple bottom line” company in Fort Collins. After many years of globe trotting, he believes ever more strongly in the advice to “think globally and act locally.” He and his wife live in Boulder, Colo.

Articles by Bill Kramer

  • Bill Kramer

    The Regenerative Economy: A New Approach to Capitalism

    Bill Kramer doesn't subscribe to a basic tenet of neoliberalism – that man is selfish and markets are an efficient way to channel that basic human trait. He and other entrepreneurs and academics working under the general umbrella of “regenerative future” studies believe optimal productivity can be restored only when natural systems are fully understood. The topic will be further explored at the upcoming Regenerative Future Summit.

    academia, business development, public policy
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