Karthik Chandrasekar and Keya Madhvani
Acumen Fund

Karthik Chandrasekaris an Energy Portfolio Manager in Acumen Fund’s India office.

Keya Madhvaniis a Business Associate in Acumen Fund’s India office. Follow her on Twitter@keyamadhvani

Articles by Karthik Chandrasekar and Keya Madhvani

  • Karthik Chandrasekar and Keya Madhvani

    Plug and Play: Energy Access at the BoP

    In India, almost 290 million people lack access to electricity, according to the 2011 survey by the International Energy Agency. While people in the developed world have access to light with the simple flip of a switch, people in rural India and other parts of the developing world struggle at the base of the energy access ladder. Improving energy access for the bottom of the pyramid is a steep challenge – as the poor ascend this ladder, they move from using traditional fuels like wood and kerosene towards universal access –what most of the developed world takes for granted.

    Energy, Entrepreneurship
    renewable energy, solar
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