Debbie Dean
Grameen Foundation

As the Director of Financial Services at the Grameen Foundation, Debbie Dean has worked in the financial inclusion space for the last five years where she led to the development of savings programs with microfinance institutions in Ethiopia, India and the Philippines. As well as, she has worked in Africa where she supported work in Agricultural Finance and mHealth.


Prior to her work at the Grameen Foundation, Debbie spent 20 years in the technology industry where she led and managed technical sales teams, business operations and product management at companies such as IBM, Legent Corporation and Cisco Systems. Debbie learned firsthand the impact technology platforms bring to the delivery of financial products.


Debbie received her degree in Finance and Economics from Miami University and studied at the Boulder Institute of Microfinance. She has been a guest lecturer at the Wharton School of Business, the Brookings Institute, the SEEP Conference and the USAID MicroLinks Speakers Corner. Debbie is published in the Enterprise Development & Microfinance Journal.


Articles by Debbie Dean

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