Evan Weaver

Evan works for a social service agency in Hillsboro, OR. He graduated from George Washington University with an MPA concentrating in international development. When not busy investigating development issues, he enjoys hiking, studying Spanish, and practicing Wing Chun.

Articles by Evan Weaver

  • Evan Weaver

    Putting Numbers on Multinationals’ Impact is Even Harder Than it Looks

    Multinational companies like to describe their presence as a boon to developing countries. In a remarkable joint study, Oxfam International and Unilever Indonesia found such claims are valid—sometimes. The British antipoverty NGO and the Anglo-Dutch consumer products company were looking for new ways to help the world’s poor—and new ways to talk about the things they were already doing. Was Unilever’s Indonesia operation improving the lives of Indonesia’s poor and wider economy? If so, how much?

    Base of the Pyramid
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