Francesco Piazzesi
Echale a tu casa

Francesco Piazzesi, founder and Director of Echale a tu casa, has developed a career of his belief in social entrepreneurship to solve major housing challenges, and to develop win-win solutions that aid the poor and protect the environment. He has is doctorate in Development Policy, with a focus on Sustainable housing microfinance mortgages. In 2010, Francesco was elected as an Ashoka Fellow to scale his groundbreaking innovative work in Echale a tu casa. That same year he was awarded the Schwab Foundation Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Echale a Tu Casa helps people in the poorest communities of Mexico become home-owners. Echale trains individuals in construction skills and helps create community-owned micro construction industries. Nearly 26,000 homes have been built through Echale. In addition, the micro-construction industries of Echale have generated 130,000 jobs and USD 6.5 million of income.

Articles by Francesco Piazzesi

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