Heather Fleming
Catapult Design

Heather is the CEO and co-founder of Catapult Design, a non-profit product design firm serving developing world markets. Catapult’s clients are organizations working in impoverished communities around the world with design and technology needs, including: rural electrification, water purification and transport, food security, and health.

Before starting Catapult, she worked as a product design consultant in Silicon Valley, designing products for a diverse range of clients. In 2005 she also co-founded and led a volunteer team focused on design programs for developing countries through Engineers Without Borders. Under her leadership, the team took on the development of a small wind turbine for rural Guatemala, prototyping solar distillation technologies for a community in Northern India, designing a mechanical rock crusher for the Philippines, designing an efficient water transport product for South Africa, and developing locally manufactured cooking stoves in Sudan. The team’s work has been featured in O Magazine, Newsweek, ABC News, and Heather also teaches Design for Sustainability at Stanford University.

Articles by Heather Fleming

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