Anna Ritz and Janni Raundahl
Witten/Herdecke University and Copenhagen Business School

Anna Ritz is studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Witten/Herdecke University. Her research focuses on how institutional entrepreneurs challenge political and economic paradigms. She is further interested in strategies that combine development economics and social business strategies to empower entrepreneurs in developing countries. Besides her studies, Anna has been and still is organizing various oikos projects, such as the Sustainability Innovative Speaker Series and the oikos Winter School 2011. Before her studies, Anna has worked for a microfinance institution in Tanzania. Supported by the German Ministry of Cooperation and Development, she developed a program for the electrification of rural areas in cooperation with the Tanzanian Association for Renewable Energy. In Europe, Anna has worked with the Genisis Institute on Social Business and Impact Strategies and with the HUB Westminster, London, a co-working space for social and institutional entrepreneurs that develop concepts and strategies for a New Economy. Based on her experience, she is currently building and leading a sustainability consultancy for NGOs and Social Businesses. Anna’s passion is to attend and organize conferences as well as to connect with purpose-driven people. She loves to collect and share extra-ordinary life stories and ideas from and with local people around the globe.


Janni Raundahl is getting her masters degree in Business and Development studies at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS). Besides the studies, she is the Chairperson of oikos Copenhagen, 360° – Students for Sustainability, the biggest student organization focusing on sustainable and responsible business in Denmark.The organization was nominated for two awards at the CSR Awards 2011, the Student Prize and the Communication Prize, for the successful efforts on engaging students in the discussions around business ethics. Her interest in inclusive business and private sector development is demonstrated through research projects conducted in Uganda and Ethiopia, on the topics ’Mobile phone usage among micro entreprenurs’ and ’Coffee cooperatives since the coffee crisis 2001’ respectively. In her professional work she has been developing an educational project for high school students to learn more about the conditions in the international trade with primary commodities. Janni received her bachelors in 2009 with her thesis on the garment industry in India and Denmark and the value creation in partnerships between companies from the two countries.


Articles by Anna Ritz and Janni Raundahl

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