Jemima Sy
Global business leader for the Water and Sanitation Program - World Bank

Jemima Sy is the global business leader for the Water and Sanitation Program’s initiative on domestic private sector participation. The Water and Sanitation Program is a multi-donor partnership administered by the World Bank to support poor people in obtaining affordable, safe, and sustainable access to water and sanitation services. Jemima oversees initiatives covering 16 countries on private sector development where multi-disciplinary teams work on three main areas of support: public-private partnerships, market finance and developing sanitation and water markets.

A lawyer by training, Jemima has over 10 years’ experience managing water and sanitation initiatives through local private sector participation. She advises Governments on regulatory reforms and privately driven performance improvement programs and is involved in developing long-term commercial financing for water and sanitation in Asia (Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines) and in Africa. Jemima worked with the Kenyan water regulator on the first shadow credit rating exercise of water utilities. Most recently, she is publishing a book about opportunities for SME investments in water and sanitation.

Articles by Jemima Sy

  • Jemima Sy

    Flushing Five Myths About the Business of Sanitation

    We’re continually told a number of myths about water, sanitation and the potential for companies to reach the poor in emerging markets that face daunting infrastructure challenges. My co-authors and I debunk many of them in our book: “Tapping the Markets: Opportunities for Domestic Investments in Water and Sanitation for the Poor.”

    Agriculture, Health Care
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