Jessie Cronan

Jessie has been working as a Volunteer Consultant focusing on Strategy and New Business Development with TechnoServe Swaziland for the past four months. Prior to coming to TechnoServe, she received her Masters in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School, where she focused on women’s political empowerment. Jessie’s passion for international development work stems from her experience as a Princeton-in-Africa fellow with the Tanzanian Childrens’ Fund in 2007-2008. Her work in Tanzania focused on improving educational outcomes in the region. Since then Jessie has worked with the Aceh Women’ League, an Indonesian organization dedicated to promoting women’s political and economic empowerment.

Articles by Jessie Cronan

  • Jessie Cronan

    Farming to Invest in the Future

    Recently, we surveyed more than 150 farmers in our cotton program to better understand the impact that TechnoServe’s work has on their lives and livelihoods. I wanted numbers - and I got them - but what stuck with me were not the facts and figures, but the deeply personal stories that those facts and figures told.

    agribusiness, farmers
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