Kate Wilson

Kate is the CEO of Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) – formerly known as The Mobile Hub. DIAL is a new global alliance whose mission is to accelerate the collective efforts of government, industry and development organizations to create a more inclusive digital economy for the underserved in emerging markets.

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    NexThought Monday: Fending Off ‘Pilotitis’ in Global Tech

    In 2008, as many as 80 NGOs were testing consumer-facing mobile health (mHealth) programs in Uganda - all at once. But none of the pilots were scalable, interoperable, or meaningfully coordinated. Uganda is far from alone. A World Bank study in 2013 found nearly 500 disparate mHealth programs being implemented around the world – particularly in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia – without evidence of scaling or integration. A preventive treatment of sorts has arrived to help organizations address these "technology for development" problems: The Principles for Digital Development.

    Impact Assessment, Technology
    healthcare technology, mobile applications, scale, technology