Kim Wilson
Co-founder of Lean Research

Kim Wilson is a co-founder of Lean Research – jointly organized by faculty and researchers at the D-Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyThe Fletcher School of Law and DiplomacyRoot Capital, and the Feinstein International Center at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University.

Wilson also lectures at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, where she teaches several courses on markets and development. Prior to joining Fletcher, Wilson directed the global microfinance operation for Catholic Relief Services (CRS). She then assumed the position of program director for all of CRS programming in South Asia. Based in Calcutta, India, she worked with watershed management, agriculture, education, and microfinance programs throughout India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Pakistan.

Wilson regularly takes on field assignments for organizations such as the United Nations Development Program, World Bank (CGAP), Bankable Frontier Associates, The MasterCard Foundation, and the Aga Khan Foundation. She is on the Board of the SEEP Network and is an advisor to Linked Foundation, Trickle Up, and Colibri (a solar lamp distribution company in Nicaragua). Kim co-edited the book, Financial Promise for the Poor, How Groups Build Savings (Kumarian Press), and has contributed chapters to other books on the topic of savings. Her most recent initiative in collaboration with MIT’s D-Lab is on “Lean Research.”

At Tufts, Wilson is senior fellow for the The Council on Emerging Market Enterprises (CEME) | Tufts Fletcher School and a visiting fellow for the Feinstein International Center. She won the James L. Paddock For Excellence in Teaching in 2009. She is also academic director of the The Fletcher School Leadership Program for Financial Inclusion, a nine-month fellowship funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In October of 2015, she joined the board of The Hitachi Center for International Affairs at Fletcher.

Articles by Kim Wilson

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