Mari-Lise du Preez

Mari-Lise du Preez is Partnerships Manager at insight2impact, where she seeks to understand and do the work of networks and partnerships. Her day-job includes: designing and facilitating public and private sector engagement strategies to support the use of data for decision-making; constituting and convening a high-level Advisory Panel to inform programme strategy and pivots; and launching and cultivating networks and communities focused on data for good.

She is interested in how companies can navigate a complex and changing external environment through sense-making (systems practice, network analysis), catalysing (connecting people and ideas) and adaptive learning. This is useful for companies like insight2impact who are not only navigating complex adaptive systems but also trying to shape them towards a desirable future.

Before joining insight2impact, Mari-Lise worked on forest governance in Africa (a very different kind of complex adaptive system!) She holds an MA in International Studies and a firm commitment to ongoing learning, sated through a combination of MOOCs and practice.

Find her on LinkedIn at:

Articles by Mari-Lise du Preez

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