Melissa Scott
European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA)

Melissa Scott is a social-sector consultant focused on sustainability and market-based solutions. Prior to her recent experience with Ashoka Housing for All in India, Melissa was a program manager for CF Insights, a division of FSG Social Impact Consultants focused on community foundation sustainability. The photos in this piece show Melissa’s talent behind the camera as well. She is currently completing her MBA at ESADE Business School in Barcelona this fall. She earned her BS and Masters of Marketing Analytics from Bentley University.

Articles by Melissa Scott

  • Melissa Scott

    Beyond Four Walls

    A house is more than a roof overhead - it gives a sense of security, empowerment, and hope. This is a core belief that drives Ashoka’s Housing for All (HFA) program - along with the principle that the affordable housing market is ripe for market-based solutions. I learned this at the start of my summer internship with HFA’s India team this year.

    Ashoka, Base of the Pyramid
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