Saba Gul

Saba Gul is the founder & CEO of BLISS, and a recent alumnus of MIT, where she did her BS and MS. An engineer by degree, Saba worked in Silicon Valley prior to her startup, but gave up her life as a technologist to pursue social good. She has also worked in Sri Lanka and Ethiopia, and is a World Economic Forum Young Global Shaper, as well as a fellow of The Unreasonable Institute. Her work has been recognized by the US State Department, and featured in the MIT Technology Review, Vogue Magazine, NBC News and Fast Company, to name a few. Saba grew up in Lahore, Pakistan. You can follow her on Twitter at @sabagl.




Articles by Saba Gul

  • Saba Gul

    The Profit vs. Nonprofit Tug of War: From investors to employees, why my social business did a 180

    After operating as a non-profit for a year and a half, I decided to flip BLISS to a for-profit. As a nonprofit, we were attracting the wrong people and the wrong money. This is something I had feared, but when it started coming true, it hurt our progress more than I could have imagined. I learned this the hard way, but having a purpose other than profit, such as creating social impact, is not sufficient reason to be a non-profit.

    business development
  • Saba Gul

    The Best of 2012: Hiring For My Startup : 4 Things I Wish I Had Done

    At my startup, BLISS, we create economic opportunities for marginalized women, while producing exquisitely embroidered, high fashion handbags for global markets. In the last four months, I’ve hired two people, fired one, read around a hundred resumes, interviewed at least a few dozen, and read all the conventional wisdom I could find on the Internet and in print on hiring for startups.
    Here are the four things I wish someone had told me a year ago.

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