Pablo Sanchez and Fernando Casado Cañeque

Pablo Sanchez (Right) is the founder of Roots for Sustainability, an organization that conceives, designs, and implements green businesses. He was also on the founding team of the Base of the Pyramid Base in ESCI (Universidad Pompeu Fabra). Pablo has a doctorate in Business Management from the University of Cataluña, and an undergraduate license in Economics from the University of Barcelona (2001). As an academic research and consultant, he has participated in projects with BID, the IFC, and has also worked for the Center for Business Society in IESE Business School, the Social Innovation Institute of ESADE, and other business development agencies and diverse private institutions. His experience is based in the field of the development and strategic management of Social Business Responsibility.




Fernando Casado Cañeque has a doctorate in economics and global development journalism. As director of the Center of Development Alliances, he has also worked as an advisor for diverse international organizations, including the United Nations Program for the Environmen, the World Bank, the United Nations Organization for Industrial Developmentm the United Nations Program for Development. He also has been the general coordinator of the United Nations Millennial Campaign in Spain.


He is the author of two books in addition to various articles about economic development, globalization, and sustainability, and director of a documentary series about educational access in the rural zones of Honduras. He has a doctorate in Economic and Social Sciences from Universidad Central de Barcelona, and a master in Economics and Journalism from Columbia University in New York. He also has a post-graduate degree in environmental management from the Public Economy Institute at Universidad de Barcelona.


Articles by Pablo Sanchez and Fernando Casado Cañeque