Saul Fine
Innovative Assessments

Saul Fine is a senior psychometrician and adjunct lecturer in applied psychology. He founded Innovative Assessments and acts as Chief Scientist & CEO. He has held senior management and research positions at Midot, CareerHarmony and the Israel Defense Forces, and has been developing psychometric assessments for over 20 years for large private and government organizations globally. His research has been widely published, with over 30 articles in academic journals and over 50 speaking engagements in international conferences. 

Articles by Saul Fine

  • Saul Fine

    How Do Consumers React to Psychometric-Based Credit Scoring?

    Nearly 50 million Americans and literally billions more around the world have limited access to affordable credit – primarily due to a lack of credit histories. What's worse, many of these underbanked individuals are actually in decent financial standing – they simply do not have sufficiently mature credit scores. Psychometric (ie: personality-based) credit scores can address this issue – but how do customers feel about it? Saul Fine at Innovative Assessments shares results from recent surveys that aim to answer that question.

    Finance, Technology
    credit scoring, financial health, financial inclusion, results-based financing
  • Saul Fine

    The Promise of Psychometric-Based Credit Scoring in Financial Inclusion

    Many lenders are using alternative data to improve their credit models and better serve the underbanked. But though this data is usually finance related, non-financial data can also be uniquely useful in reaching new customers, says Innovative Assessments CEO Saul Fine. He explores how psychometric testing can provide insights into the personal character traits that define reliable borrowers, and how this can help lenders maintain good loan performance – while serving customers whose traditional credit histories might otherwise exclude them.

    credit scoring, data, financial health, financial inclusion, lending
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