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Tanya Ladha
Center for Financial Services Innovation

Tanya Ladha is a Senior Manager at the Center for Financial Services Innovation, working with a wide variety of financial services providers to identify, integrate and distribute high-quality products for the emerging consumer. With years of alternative financial services and cross sector experience, Tanya believes in the power of collaboration to improve consumer financial health. During her tenure at CFSI, Tanya has focused her efforts on deepening the impact of nonprofits, and building creative connections across the CFSI Network. She spent three years cultivating credit union and social service partnerships to improve the delivery of high-quality financial services to vulnerable populations and has authored numerous reports exploring mechanisms to create, sustain, and replicate multi-sector approaches to improving consumer financial health.

Prior to CFSI, Tanya worked at a high performing CDFI in Austin, Texas where she served as a small business lender. Working with banks, and public and private sector organizations. Tanya gained an understanding of nonprofit operations, financial analysis, and cross-sector portfolio management. Born and raised in Texas, Tanya earned a M.B.A. and M.P.A. dual degree at the University of Texas at Austin.

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