Ted Baumann
Habitat for Humanity International

Ted Baumann is Director for International Housing Programs for Habitat for Humanity International, responsible for strategic development of housing and human settlement programs outside the United States and Canada. Prior to joining HFHI, he lived in Cape Town, South Africa for 25 years, where he completed several degrees at the University of Capetown, and later managed the revolving housing finance program of the People’s Dialogue on Land and Shelter, an NGO supportig the South African Homeless Peoples’ Federation. He also consulted for the World Bank on small and medium enterprise microcredit in South Africa and Mozambique. In the U.S, Ted established Bay Research and Consultancy Services, targeting community-based housing and microfinance programs, working with clients including UN-Habitat, the International Labour Organisation, the South African government, among others.

Posts by Ted Baumann

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