Francisco Noguera

Back in San Francisco: Social Capital Markets Conference 2009

Rob and I are excited to be back in San Francisco covering this year’s version of the Social Capital Markets Conference. Last year’s version attracted almost 650 attendees and rumor has it that the number will be close to 800 this time around.

We’ll be featuring a special SOCAP09 Coverage series, bringing you a timely review and analysis of the sessions most relevant to the topic of business and enterprise at the base of the pyramid. We were very careful in selecting only the sessions that are directly related to BoP; surprisingly, we found more than 20 of these spread throughout a two-day event! Fortunately, we won’t be alone. An All Star team of 13 Guest Bloggers will be helping us deliver the coverage of this week’s events. Introducing the NextBillion-SOCAP 09 Team:

  • Matt Austin (recent graduate of Thunderbird)
  • Jennifer Billings (Presidio)
  • Cindy Chen (Haas School of Business)
  • Ashish Gupta (ThinkChange India)
  • Susie Lee (IGNIA)
  • Abhay Nihalani (Haas School of Business)
  • Eric Rosenthal, (Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan)
  • Jake Samuelson (Monitor Group)
  • Stephanie Seale (Inveneo)
  • Shital Shah (ThinkChange India)
  • Emily Smith (Haas School of Business)
  • Miriam Stone (Vision Spring)
  • Jocelyn Wyatt (IDEO)

We’re looking forward to delivering a great coverage of SOCAP 09 so stay tuned starting tomorrow morning!

**The GSBI Video Blog Series will resume after the coverage of this week’s special coverage of SOCAP.