Rob Katz

Best Books 2005 – What’s on Your List?

You’re making your list; you’re checking it twice. And you’re not alone–its time for everyone’s year-end best-of lists. I just finished browsing strategy-business? Best Business Books 2005, where coverage ranges from strategy to marketing to globalization. (Side note: which works are on your “best books” list–comment below). Of particular interest both are the strategy and globalization essays, where C.K. Prahalad’s and Stuart Hart’s recent books appear:

…a rare glimpse into the future–for those with eyes to see–of the extraordinary opportunities waiting in uncharted and seemingly impassable waters.

Operating successfully in the global economy, particularly in the poorly charted reaches of the developing world, requires optimism–optimism tempered by accurate, unbiased information.

Those familiar with the base/bottom of the pyramid literature won?t find groundbreaking analysis of Prahalad’s nor Hart’s book. What makes these essays worth reading, however, is the coverage of other books. Bundled with familiar BOP texts are two books on strategy (Blue Ocean Strategy and MarketBusters) and three on globalization (End of Poverty, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, and Travels of a T-Shirt) that would be good additions to another list–your “books to read” or “books to buy” list.

What else is on your must-read list? I’ve added Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and am in the middle of The 86 Percent Solution right now. Maybe we can get a small NextBillion readers’ choice award going. Comments are open–fire away.

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Also worth browsing – WorldChanging’s Reading List and the New York Times’ 100 Notable Books of the year.