Scott Anderson

Best of February on NextBillion – Awakening to Competition

Whether it’s understanding the nuances of an existing BoP market or transforming seemingly daunting challenges into advantages to earn a sustainable profit, February’s most-read posts on NextBillion all focused on fresh approaches to competition.

For the month’s most-read post, Participative Innovation: The Transition to a New Model of Social Capitalism (Part 2) by Paulo Rocha, that meant re-evaluating who is a competitor and who is a partner. Money quote:

If (capitalism) 1.0 talks of three isolated sectors (public, private, and social) that frequently compete with one another, 2.0 proposes to negotiate initiatives through various integrated sectors, working together to achieve common goals.

Paulo’s post originally was published in NextBillion Español here and part one of his series, is here.

The other top-read posts last month included:

Understanding Competition at the Base of the Pyramid (Part 1) by Martin Herrndorf. Martin wrote about on the often-overlooked nuances of competition within and among low-income markets. Part 2, which provides ’Five Ways to React to Competitors at the BoP’ may be found here.

Advancing Healthcare With the BoP: To Emerging Markets and Back Again by Josh Cleveland. As part of our healthcare series, Josh highlighted the cases of Pfizer and GE as examples of how large mulitnations are adapting to BoP markets. Part 2, which looks at the perspective of social startup, also is worth a read if you haven’t checked it out already.

Hapinoy Is An Open Source Model for Low-Income Markets and Awakening a ’Sleeping Giant,’ Microfranchise as a Distribution Platform, both by Josh Weinstein round out the top-five most-read posts for February. These two posts provide a facinating look into how Hapinoy is forging a new path in microfranchising.