NextBillion Editor

Twitter Top Ten – 11/23/14: Our favorite tweets of the week

After a few weeks in beta stage our weekly Twitter Top Ten is up and rolling – a NextBillion mainstay, if you will – thanks in no small part to positive response from the Twitter-verse.

The process is pretty simple. Our editors pick the top 10 tweets every week, based on news value, reader input, usefulness or, in some cases, fun. The only difficult part of the process is coming up with the 10 best tweets out of the zillions of possibilities. That’s where we could use a bit of help.

If/when you come across something that strikes your fancy on Twitter, clue us in. Tweet general social enterprise topics to @NextBillion or NB managing editor@ScotterAnderson, global health topics to @NextBillionHC and financial inclusion topics to @NextBillionFI.

Be sure to check us out every week and, if you like what you see, spread the word.