Derek Newberry

Big Award for the KickStart CEO

fisherSo it seems KickStart has something else going for it, as if a viral video featuring Maasai rapper Mr. Ebbo weren’t enough…

The CEO of the San Francisco-based social enterprise, Martin Fisher, won the Lemelson-MIT Award for Sustainability this week for his innovative and affordable including the MoneyMaker Pumps, portable and easy-to-use devices that allow farmers to draw water when they need it without having to travel long distances.Fisher joins a prestigious group of Lemelson-MIT award winners, including Dean Kamen, creator of the Segway and Amy Smith, a creative BoP technology innovator. It’s good to see inventors working in the BoP space recognized for their accomplishments – this is an acknowledgement of the priority we should be placing on technologies that benefit the underserved majority. Congratulations to Fisher on this major accomplishment!

Who else would readers flag as a potentially award-winning innovator of BoP technology? I’m leaning toward the folks behind the People’s Phone