Rob Katz

BOP Job Announcement – Reuters

Azeem Azhar, head of innovation for Reuters, pointed me to a BOP job opening within his company. They’re running a very cool new project called Reuters Market Light, which provides information and related services (in local languages) to rural communities through mobile phones. RML is hiring a COO; for more on the position, check out Azeem’s blog. I’ve excerpted below.

This is a ’bottom of the pyramid’ (really a ’top of the bottom of the pyramid’) business delivering agricultural pricing and real-time weather information to farmers. The business is progressing strongly and we’re now hiring a COO.If you are interested, read the job spec below and get in touch with Gouthami directly. It is based in Bangalore with regular travel to the customer base–and frankly an amazing opportunity for anyone wanting to build a genuine BOP business.

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